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SC14 and SC12 Supercharger Pulleys and Parts

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PulleyBros Est 2007

I have developed clutched and fixed supercharger pulleys for sc12 and sc14 superchargers.

So far i have developed 4 types of pulleys to suit these superchargers.

103mm clutched supercharger pulley for SC14 blowers. SOLD OUT

103mm clutched supercharger pulley for SC12 blowers.  SOLD OUT

87mm,82mm,77m fixed supercharger pulleys for SC14 blowers.

90mm OD twin v belt fixed supercharger pulley for sc14 blowers.

91mm clutched supercharger pulley for SC12 blowers.

I have a new air bypass modification for 4agze engines, which is as easy as the orginal to do but boost will come on quicker and pull harder at higher rpm than orginal air bypass system and modified abv mod for same boost. It is a 30 minute modification..